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Adaptive Biking



FAAST is excited to partner with SportsAbility and offer opportunities for you to get outside and enjoy some time biking or riding the trail. Please sign-up for one of the options below and we look forward to seeing you on April 10th!

Please note that because of COVID-19 precautions, FAAST or SportsAbility staff or volunteers will not be able to provide physical assistance with transfers into or out of the equipment. Please make sure that you have an exercise buddy attend the event with you and that you bring a helmet, both are required to participate. 

How to Register

  • Step 1: Choose a Bike (see options below)
  • Step 2: Click the Register button on this page to reserve a time slot

If more than one person in your group will require adaptive equipment or if you have any other questions to determine if the available equipment will be a proper fit, please contact Eric Reed at [email protected]

REQUIRED: You must bring your own helmet(s)

Bike Options


image of Top End Excelerator bike
Top End Excelerator 18” seat

image of Quickie Attitude and 5R chair
Quickie Attitude and 5R chair 17” seat

image of Top End Lil Excelerator bike 
Top End Lil Excelerator 14” seat

image of Quickie Mach 2 bike
Quickie Mach 2 17” seat
photo of Top End Force G
Top End Force G 15” seat *
*Please note that this bike is very low to the ground and may require additional assistance for transfers.

Trail Bikes

image of a GRIT Freedom Chair
GRIT Freedom Chair - 18" & 20" options
image of a Fat Tad recumbent bike
Fat Tad electric assist recumbent*
*Please note that this bike does not have fixed footrests and may require some pedal ability. Also, it is very low to the ground with fixed handlebars that make transfers in and out difficult.

Buddy Bike

image of a Buddy Bike
Buddy Bike

Dates & Locations

  • April 10 | various time slots from 9:00 am - 3:00 pm | Tallahassee, FL


You must register for a specific time slot in advance to participate in this activity.
Click the register button on this page to save your time slot.

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