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The FDOA has evolved and matured since our beginning in 1990.  Our outdoor recreation and rehabilitation programs and objectives have grown now to address the needs of the people we serve.  The FDOA has become so much more important in the lives of many outside the rehab role.  We found great need to promote efforts to assist with human development and are serving the developmental disability population by providing many of the same endless benefits of more active life styles.

We are now about to launch our new fitness and wellness program with Goodwill of the Big Bend.  As we expand our services to include well-being for people with disabilities and other disadvantages, our mission will expand as well.  Our “Active Leisure for Life” slogan is the method that we use to attain our ultimate goal to empower the people of Florida to be healthier, happier, and more productive.

I have written much about physical and mental health benefits through physical activity and now I wish to share a little about increasing happiness.  Research has shown us that people who are more physically active report greater happiness than those that are less active.  This is important in our leisure pursuits but the biggest secret to increasing happiness is simply in helping others.

The benefits enjoyed by those who are doing the helping are amazing.  We know from research that it makes us happier, feel better, and lower stress levels.  Recent research now suggests that it can actually add years to your life.  Studies show that volunteering can lower cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure.  It has also been shown that it lessens chronic pain and the effects of diseases by volunteering and helping others with similar conditions.  These are some of the benefits of doing something meaningful and purposeful by helping others and helping the community.

This is one of the major key stones of the FDOA.  Helping others is what we do.  We help others, we help others to help others, we help people to help themselves, and we now know that we are helping ourselves when we help others.  Thank you for allowing us  the privilege to do this great work.  

Recreation Options - Finding someplace in Florida with a Beach Wheelchair

A favorite pastime in Florida is going to the beach. Traditional wheelchairs and walkers make it nearly impossible for people with mobility impairments to travel through the sand to reach the water.  However, beach wheelchairs make traveling through the sand possible again for people with disabilities. The most popular question that the Florida Disabled Outdoors Association is asked is where can people rent or borrow beach wheelchairs. What many people may not know is that beach wheelchairs are available for use at no charge at over 30 Florida State Parks. Anyone interested in using a beach wheelchair should contact that State Park directly. Simply go to http://www.floridastateparks.org/accessforall/accessiblefacilities.cfm and then beach wheelchairs. When you click on the Florida State Park you wish to visit, their phone number will be displayed along with a lot of other valuable information. Just call the state park directly to reserve a beach wheelchair for the day. Also listed on the Florida State Park website are accessible fishing piers, trails, and boat tours. Make your reservation today for a beach wheelchair at a Florida park today!

Yoga Can help People with a Spinal Cord Injury

Some spinal cord problems arise from tight hamstrings and weak abdominal muscles. The Yoga postures that are practiced can alleviate these conditions over time. Yoga is no short cut method, and results will come with patience over time. More information can be found at the National Center on Health and Physical Disability at http://www.ncpad.org/485/2369/SCI~-~Reconnecting~the~Body~and~Mind~with~Yoga

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