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In-Person Activities (FREE)

Throughout the year, in various Florida cities, there will be a variety of different in-person activities for people of all abilities. The aim is to make SportsAbility more accessible for everyone.

You will have the opportunity to register for a time slot to try things like EcoRovers, archery, boating, horseback riding, SCUBA, fishing and more.

For those not familiar with the EcoRover, it is an all-terrain mobility device that can go anywhere a wheelchair can, and beyond! It is a phenomenal tool for accessing beaches, trails, and all outdoor activities that can now be enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities. It provides a functional, dependable way for family and friends to enjoy the outdoors together.

2023 Sampler Events

upcoming events


past events

EcoRover Trail Adventure, Fishing and Archery

SportsAbility Alliance and SonFishers 
Merritt Island FL
July 18

EcoRover Beach Adventure

SportsAbility Alliance (in partnership with Brooks Rehabilitation Adaptive Surf Day)
Jacksonville Beach, FL
June 3

SportsAbility Sampler at The Family Cafe

SportsAbility Alliance
Orlando, FL
June 9-11

EcoRover Beach Adventure and Family Beach Day

SportsAbility Alliance and SonFishers 
Cape Canaveral
June 22



Virtual Reality: SportsAbility Park (FREE) - COMING SOON

SportsAbility Park will be available year round and 24 hours, 7 days a week AND we will be hosting some special events in the virtual park. 

To access the SportsAbility VR Park, you will need to install the Spatial software on your virtual reality headset or on a compatible computer.

SportsAbility Park is completely FREE and open to the public but you will need access to compatible equipment, such as a VR headset and/or computer.

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Sportsability VR Park Special Events

None currently scheduled

Check back soon!



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