The mission of the SportsAbility Alliance is to enhance lives through accessible, inclusive recreation and active leisure.  We offer a variety of programs to help us achieve this mission. Click on a program below to learn more.

Miracle Sports

A year-round inclusive, recreational sports league.

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Connecting people with disabilities to recreational activities, resource providers, and community organizations to learn about new trends in recreation and leisure in the community.

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Related programs:

My SportsAbility

In April of 2020, we were set to host the 30th annual SportsAbility live event. Due to the global pandemic, we were forced to cancel the in-person event just weeks before it was scheduled to happen. In the adaptive spirit of SportsAbility and FDOA, we modified our plans to host a virtual event instead... and #MySportsAbility was born!

Big Kahuna

An annual fundraiser to encourage teamwork and sportsmanship with the proceeds going to supports our SportsAbility program.

Family Cafe Sampler

A sampling of our SportsAbility recreation program offered in conjunction with The Family Cafe.



ALLOUT is our outdoor, nature-based adventures program where we coordinate activities such as fishing, hunting, and boating activities throughout the state of Florida.

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Related programs:

Active Vets

Inclusive adventure program for armed forces veterans.

Hands Helping Anglers

Inclusive fishing program.


RecConnect (BSCIP)

RecConnect is our staple program for brain and spinal cord injury resources.

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