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Big Kahuna 2024 Recap

This blog post was written by Kasara Barto, Events and Communications Manager for SportsAbility Alliance 

North Florida Christian High School Baseball Team Triumphs in SportsAbility Alliance’s Big Kahuna Fundraiser

SportsAbility Alliance’s recent Big Kahuna Event witnessed an exhilarating display of teamwork, and competitive spirit as five teams battled it out for victory. Held at beautiful Maclay Gardens State Park, this event brought together supporters of SportsAbility Alliance for an unforgettable day of adventure.

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Spotlight on Florida Businesses for National Disability Employment Awareness Month

This blog post was written by Cameron Rolston, SportsAbility Alliance Social Media Intern.

Spotlight on Florida Businesses for National Disability Employment Awareness Month

In honor of National Disability Employment Awareness Month, I spent October learning more about Disability Employment Awareness throughout different areas of Florida. I had the chance to talk to two companies in Florida - Inspire of Central Florida and Future Pathways -  that assist people with disabilities learn job readiness skills, master important life skills, and help them get jobs.  

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National Disability Employment Awareness Month

This article was written by Madeline Mancini, Sports Managment Intern for SportsAbility Alliance.

The History of National Disability Employment Awareness Month

In 1945, congress enacted a law that declared that the first week in October was “National Employ the Physically Handicapped week.” The declaration was part of an organized effort to educate the public about issues surrounding disabilities and employment. By 1988, the word “physically” was removed to acknowledge the employment needs and contributions of individuals with all types of disabilities. During this time, congress also expanded the week to the entire month of October and changed the name to National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM). 

The NDEAM was established to shine a spotlight on the varied contributions of individuals with disabilities to the workforce and economy of the United States.


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National Disability Awareness Month

This article was written by Madeline Mancini, Sports Managment Intern for SportsAbility Alliance.

What is National Disability Awareness Month?

National Developmental Disability Awareness Month was founded on February 26, 1987 by President Ronald Reagan. He officially declared Proclamation 5613, making March National Disabilities Awareness Month. The proclamation called for individuals to provide understanding, encouragement and opportunities to help people with disabilities to lead productive and fulfilling lives. In March, we specifically take extra steps to raise awareness about the support and rights of people with disabilities. Since Reagan’s declaration, attitudes toward individuals with disabilities have shifted and programs have increasingly supported the independence of people with disabilities.

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Insight from a School Psychologist: An Interview with Caitlin Murphy

This blog article was written by SportsAbility Alliance Sports Management Intern, Sean Munroe.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Caitlin Murphy.  Murphy is a school psychologist for Thomas County Schools in Georgia.  The following are questions related to her role, the benefits of recreation for people with developmental disabilities, and how to interact with people with disabilities.

"The greatest thing I have learned by being a school psychologist is patience. You never know what children are going through or struggling with."

- Caitlin Murphy 

Can you describe your role as a school psychologist and the responsibilities associated with the position?
Murphy: As a school psychologist, I work with children of all ages. I assess their strengths and weaknesses, and provide the school team with relevant information to inform their educational planning. I make suggestions for additional support available at school, whether that is through general education support or support through a Section 504 plan or IEP. 

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A Comprehensive and In-Depth Understanding of Special Olympics

SportsAbility Alliance and all our events are for people of all abilities. Athletes can choose to be as competitive, or not, as they would like, and everyone is able to participate! However, for those athletes looking for something a little more competitive, Special Olympics may be a good option to consider. Special Olympics offers many different sports and does have requirements in order to participate. Here is some more information!

Special Olympics Opening Ceremonies“Special Olympics is important, as it empowers and provides inclusion for special needs athletes. I learned a great deal about patience and will power from Special Olympics athletes, that I may have never experienced if not for Special Olympics,” said Special Olympics Coach Gladys Liehr. 

What is the Special Olympics?

Special Olympics is an international program that provides individuals with intellectual disabilities that are eight years or older access to year-round sports training and athletic competition in more than 20 Olympic-type summer and winter sports. Inaugurated in 1968, the Special Olympics was officially recognized by the International Olympic Committee on February 15, 1988. International headquarters are in Washington, D.C.
By the early 21st century there were chapters in nearly 200 countries. More than one million athletes participate annually in some 20,000 meets and tournaments held worldwide, culminating in the international Special Olympics World Games every two years, alternating between winter and summer sports and each lasting for nine days.

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Interview with Orlando Magic Wheels

Our intern, Alan Thach, interviewed Jim Moore and Javier Rodriguez, team representative of the Orlando Magic Wheels. The Orlando Magic Wheels (OMW) is a member of the National Wheelchair Basketball Association (NWBA) where physically challenged athletes compete in fast moving basketball tournament play. 

Check out this informative YouTube video for more information about the team, it's history and their mission! 

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