Positivity in Uncertainty

photo of Amanda CoverIt is extremely easy to find the negative aspects of being confined to your home with limited outings. However, I have found two main benefits to working remotely from my house: time and reduction of expenses.


It’s something we all wish we could extend. Like many others, this situation has allowed me to work remotely. I have had the opportunity to spend more time with my family because I am not commuting to and from an office daily. One way to take advantage of this newly gained time is to insert regular exercise into your schedule. It is incredibly easy to stay inside and be inactive during this time, but it is even more important now to find new ways to remain active. You may have been attending fitness classes or participating in group sports, but you can find ways to exercise at home and use that previously committed time for something else. I have been able to eat nightly meals (and occasional lunches) with my family which was abnormal for us when everyone had their own outside commitments.

If your pre-quarantine schedule did not include work, you may have been searching for new ways to stay busy at home. This time is a great chance for you to pick up a new hobby or declutter your house. Take it one step at a time to make progress that will not feel overwhelming, but it will bring you a sense of accomplishment in the end.

Reduction of Expenses

Secondly, staying at home brings the possibility to save on outside expenses. I personally have saved money on gas and restaurants. Without a commute, I rarely drive anywhere too far from my house. This also prevents me from frequently stopping to get an unnecessary snack or drink. Similarly, this time has encouraged more home-cooked meals instead of dining-out. This also has promoted a healthier diet and provided the opportunity to try new recipes. Although we are advised to stay away from large public events such as concerts and sporting events, there are many ways to enjoy similar leisure activities from home while saving money, too. My family has watched live concerts on television, completed a virtual escape room, and played games together in our living room. There are a multitude of ways to stay entertained from your own couch!

Staying at home allowed me to spend an unexpected amount of wonderful time with my family, both in person and virtually. It has been a pleasure to video chat with multiple members of my extended family and friends to check-in on each other and catch up on our lives. I hope that you, too, have taken advantage of this opportunity and will look for the positives in this unique situation!

Written by Amanda Cover, FDOA Intern (Summer 2020)

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