SportsAbility Park

An inclusive virtual reality recreation park designed just for you!

Unfortunately, the platform where SportsAbility VR Park is housed, AltSpace VR, has announced they are shutting down their platform as of March 10, 2023. That means SportsAbility VR Park will be unavailable until we are able to find a new universe for our VR Park. We are currently working with our partner, Covalent, to find a new home for SportsAbility VR Park and will keep you updated as we move forward. Thank you for your patience and understanding. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

Image of SportsAbility VR Park entrance gate

When Covid 19 occurred, SportsAbility Alliance wanted to provide a way that everyone could still experience active leisure in a safe, virtual environment, in the hopes that it would encourage exploration and relationship building that could eventually transfer into the "real world" when it was safe to do so. We created this world so participants could explore different activities, alone or with their friends. They could learn about adaptive equipment and resources that are available to make active leisure more accessible to all. This virtual reality park gave us a way to continue working towards our mission, even when it was not safe for people to interact face to face, and we want to continue offering that option in addition to resuming our regular programming. 
While we are still looking forward to providing our SportsAbility VR Park again in the future, we are excited to be back in person with our events as well. We have resumed our Active Leisure for Life initiatives with more face to face activities and our annual SportsAbility Expo is back in person for the first time since 2019! We will also have SportsAbility Sampler programs taking place year round across the state. In Tallahassee, our Miracle Sports Program is ongoing and is growing each week. We also have our ALLOUT Adventure program, offering beach, trail and other outdoor adventures throughout the state. 

What Is SportsAbility Park

We wanted to provide everyone a way to experience active leisure in a safe "virtual" way, in the hopes that it will encourage exploration and active leisure in the "real world". To achieve this goal we have been working quietly for quite a while to build SportsAbility Park, an inclusive virtual reality recreation park. 

In SportsAbility Park you can explore different activities, alone or with friends. You can learn about adaptive equipment and resources available to make active leisure more accessible to all.

SportsAbility Park has just been launched and is still in the early stages. So please send us your feedback let us know if you have ideas for improvements. We are creating this for you and want to build it to your wants and needs.

Overview of SportsAbility VR Park


Frequently Asked Questions & Tutorials

Overview of SportsAbility Park and how to access it

We create this video to show you what it looks like inside the SportsAbility VR Park and how to access it: