Adding Some Quality Outdoors Time

Photo of Amanda Cover, FDOA Intern (Summer 2020)It can be easy to get caught up in your tasks for the day and not set aside some time for you to relax and connect with nature. If you work from home, you may never step outside some days if you do not section off part of your day to intentionally do so.

I have found recently that even just 30 minutes at the park is a good break point in my day to let me step away from work for a short time and get some exercise outdoors.

Enjoy the Parks

There are a multitude of activities you can do at the park depending on what you are hoping to achieve with your time outside. I personally enjoy going for a walk in a different park in my area until I have visited them all. It is a simple way to get a little bit of exercise and get outside. Others may enjoy bringing a blanket and relaxing on the grass. You could even bring a picnic and enjoy an outdoor meal. These sound like wonderful ideas to many, but it is easy to say that you’re too busy to take a break. Don’t let this thought stop you.

Parks are a wonderful way to see new environments, but going to the park is not always required. There are plenty of ways to enjoy time outside without going very far. Benches or picnic tables are great places to read a book, listen to music, or just listen and observe your surroundings. You could find shapes in the clouds above or fly a paper airplane in the wind. These activities can be done at any time during the day where you have time to step out and relax.

Morning or Night Person

If you call yourself a morning person, a walk around the block before you start your day may be the answer. The opposite is true if you’re a nighttime person; an evening walk accomplishes the same goal. If neither of these sound appealing, try stepping outside for a bit during lunch. This could be done by eating on a bench outside, or just taking a break from your duties for a brief time in the middle of a hectic day.

Just Add Quality Outdoors Time

These activities do not have to consume a large portion of your day, but they will have a huge effect on you. Spending daily time outside can be a way to calm down from a stressful situation at work or school. You can learn new things about your surroundings by exploring outdoor areas in your community. Consider adding some quality time outdoors to your daily routine!

Written by Amanda Cover, FDOA Intern (Summer 2020)

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